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Welcome to our helpsite :) 

We aim to give you all the necessary information and advice to make your program a success! 

If it's your first time to the site, you can start here.

In short, the site has four categories:

i Workpoints Guides (To help you set-up a programme, give you more information on the concepts of recognition and culture, and help you obtain buy-in from your team)

i Managing Workpoints (Specific guidance for administrators in using the system)

i Using Workpoints (Self-help for normal (non-admin) users)

i FAQs

We recommend that you start in the i Workpoints Guides section with creating a trial and trying it out.  Setting up a program and using the guides along the way is the easiest way to get started. You can use the other conceptual guides along the way, while getting into the practical guides of managing the program. 

Remember we are always available to assist along the way.