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Communication plans and roll-out

i Poor communication before (and during) roll-out can be crippling. Much of the battle is won or lost with comms, it therefore needs to be a priority.

The basic rules of managing change and project engagement will apply to your Workpoints roll-out. To ensure a successful roll-out, you can consider the points made in this guide. As with any change, you can anticipate some form of pushback that might require a bit of a transition phase. The project owner will need to guide the following aspects in order to get the team on board i.

  • Address the “why”. Create information campaigns to include the specific rationale for the change to come and be sure to include staff who may be affected. Utilise the powers of well-respected individuals to help reinforce the importance of the project.
  • Anticipate concerns i  Think ahead and develop a frequently-asked-questions document that addresses possible anxieties about the planned change.
  • Communicate. Hold meetings or conference calls with groups of people to tell them what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and what they will need to do. Keep talking about the “why” as a motivator.
  • Encourage feedback i  Give people a mechanism to express their thoughts and concerns. Message boards, emails and small meetings can all be effective.
  • Provide status updates. Maintain an emphasis on the why, what, when and how of the upcoming change.

In applying these principles to the roll-out of your new Workpoints programme, you can consider the following concepts and ideas:

  • Pre-design and pilot phase i This may include Workshops to obtain input for the design of the programme. It may also include surveys for ideas and feedback. In the case of a pilot, this will include a debriefing session or survey from the pilot group to see what worked and what didn’t;
  • Teaser-emails i to create anticipation and awareness. These include mails or posters with the programme name and key phrases (“ coming… / get ready…/ we need you…”). This is usually done a month to two weeks before launch.
  • An i official invitation i to the launch.
  • A full explanation of programme intention and rules to the group. It is important to show the buy-in of all key stakeholders and be succinct in the message of the essence of the programme. i This session will clarify any questions there might be;
  • A content designed email reiterating the rules of the programme as well as the Getting started on Workpoints document and a user guide.
  • Posters to place in key areas i in the office.
  • A television screen to rotate a leader-board and/or timeline for awareness.
  • A follow-up monthly campaign i to maintain awareness and involvement.

Once the programme is up and running, you will adjust communication based on the interaction of the team with the programme.


Have a look at the i attachments at the bottom of this guide for examples of communication sent out to companies.

You can also have a look at the email examples below.

i Email example A

Subject: Exciting News!

“Hi All,

We are proud to announce a new initiative! On the (date) we will to be launching our first rewards and recognition platform, (Programme Name).

This will be an online platform that will assist us in showing just how much we appreciate each other! Not only will this be a platform for recognising your contributions, but you will also able be able to recognise your colleagues!

You can expect a welcome email from Workpoints over the next two days that will assist you in setting up a password and logging on for the first time (please also check you junk mail). We've also attached a user guide to help you get started. 

We feel that this is the start of an exciting new first for (Company Name).

Kind regards,”

i Email example B

Subject: “Workpoints”

“Hi All,

Welcome to our very first reward and recognition platform. As discussed, Workpoints is a platform hosted by Encentivize that enables you to earn points which you can redeem for some really cool rewards at participating retail and service providers nationwide.

So what do you need to know?

The role of program admin will be fulfilled by the following people (XXXXX). All support queries regarding the program should be sent to these individuals.

The program is set to a Points to Rand ratio of 10:1. This is consistent for all the points earned and vouchers redeemed across the platform. In order to get started, you will be sent an email from the system (please also check you junk mail), follow the prompts to register your unique account. You can also follow the “Getting started on Workpoints” or “user-guide” attached.

Remember the main aim of our program is to drive our ideal culture and creating a culture of recognition and gratitude.

This is how you can participate:

There is a peer recognition component of the platform, meaning that you are able to give your colleagues a virtual pat on the back for a job well done. You will notice that the categories below comprise of our company’s values. You can award two of each category per month. 

High Five!


Points Value



Customer First

For providing excellent customer service, in development and/or delivery




Always helpful

For being personally invested, and always assisting where you can.





For embracing the new, being a trailblazer, not being afraid to fail and building something cool




Always Honest

For always acting on your implied responsibilities, acting honestly, providing constructive feedback and being open to receive feedback




Always Deliver

For performing under pressure and delivering




Recognise your team and take part! We drive our culture!

i Attached Examples