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Monetising and allocating points

No, you don’t have to monetise the system :)

If you choose to monetise, you also have quite a few options. The points to Rand value is set to 10:1, so 100 points i = i R10. You can choose to allocate points to all activities, some activities, or no activities. Your perfect mix will be based on a meaningful balance between your budget, and the essence of what you are trying to achieve. i

As a few examples, you can set up your programme in the following ways:

    • All activities yield 0 points. Use leaderboard to publicly recognise i those who have received the most individual recognition per month or quarter.
    • Allocate 0 points per activity, and then use the leaderboard to award points i to the top contributors per month/quarter etc.
    • Have points associated with some activities, and not others. i
    • Have points associated with all activities. iii
    • Use our fun bonus-points option to specify that people should either receive points, or receive additional points, after a certain number of activities have been achieved. iii


You cannot award negative points with an, meaning you won't be able demerit people for not doing something, or doing something wrong. We believe in positive i psychology, and creating a mature work environment, it is therefore not part of our make-up. You can however i retract activities. So, in those cases where someone was perhaps awarded by mistake, or any other human error that might have crept in, an administrator can retract the activity (and points) that was awarded to someone.