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Infrastructure requirements

Web browser

Connect to Workpoints from the web on your desktop anytime at — just make sure you're using one of these supported browsers.

Browser Technical requirements
i Chrome Version 56 and newer
i Firefox Version 55 and newer, plus version 52 (ESR)
i Safari 10 and newer
i Internet Explorer 10 and 11
i Edge Version 40 and newer


For a smooth experience, please make sure your browser and operating system are up to date.

i Email

Workpoints uses emails to communicate with your staff. Whether it's account management (i.e. password reset), activity communication, notifications or reward redemption emails. It's important that your email server doesn't block emails from and

If your organisation uses software such as Mimecast or something equivalent please make sure that emails from are white-listed.

i Domain

Workpoints is built up using a multitude of small services in the cloud as such we have a large number of domains that make up the complete Workpoints service. Please make sure that the following domains are not being blocked by your IT department:


It will be a lot easier to white list the ** and * domains so that you won't have to worry about unblocking new domains as and when we add new features.