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Quick overview of Workpoints

If you've made it this far, you are probably looking for useful new ways of engaging and interacting with your team. We are here to help! 

Workpoints essentially facilitates recognition, appreciation and reward initiatives within your team. With it, you have the opportunity of building your team (across all organisational levels) through strong, respectful and supportive relationships that establishes a foundation for success.

Using Workpoints, you will define a new level of appreciation and interaction within your team, and align everyone's focus to the same constructive values, habits and goals. You will customise the activities on the platform according to the ideal group culture you want to create.


An activity represents any behaviour you think is conducive to a great company culture, this may include peer-to-peer recognition, management recognition and/or recognition for attending and participating in other company events such as training, knowledge sharing sessions, wellness days etc.

Your entire team will be able to take part in the recognition and appreciation process. It is interactive, transparent and everything is in real time. Your team will be able to see who is contributing where, and encourage each other to participate through momentum. Workpoints also gives you rich data in terms of participation and trends. Have a look at our other guides for more detail on recognition, rewards, and creating an organisational culture.

The process to get started is simple:

  1. You will define activities for which people can receive and give recognition;
  2. You will define the rules for each activity;
  3. You will create and set-up your programme (add activities, add a logo, give the programme a name, and lastly add the people).


When people are added to a programme, they immediately receive a welcome email to help them set their password and log into the programme. This is usually the very last step in the process.

The benefits?

  1. Platform to facilitate and encourage company culture;
  2. Transparent and frequent recognition;
  3. Reduced admin relating to incentive programmes;
  4. Real-time feedback;
  5. Data and reporting on participation and interaction;
  6. Connecting the group (everyone takes part);
  7. Reward choice (Partner platform);
  8. Mobile friendly