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Activity awarding limits

Limiting the number of activities that can be given out is an easy way to manage your programmes budget.

To set up a limit

  1. Browse to the edit screen of the activity you want to impose a limit on.
  2. Click on the rules tab.
    Here you will find the options to limit to the number of times the activity can be given out or received within a set time frame.
  3. You can limit the number of times that someone can give out an activity by using the Awarding limit.
  4. Create a limit for either of the above using the add button.
  5. Set the limit and time span. For example you can limit the number of times an activity can be given out to once every month.
  6. You can repeat the above steps for the receiver limit if you want to restrict how many times a person can receive the activity.
  7. You may continue editing other parts of the activity or choose to save these changes immediately buy clicking to the save tab and clicking the save button.