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Setup the Rewards Store app

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can manage apps.

Our extensive reward store not only caters for a variety of choices, but we’ve ensured that there is something that appeals to all the different personality types.



The conversion rate between points and Rands is 10 to 1. In other words a reward that is valued at R100 will cost you 1000 points.

Setting up your Rewards Store

  1. Click the menu workpoints-menu-icon.png button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Select Manage your Apps.
  3. Click on the Rewards Store app.
  4. Click on the add to program option.
  5. You should now find the Reward Store app in the side menu along with any other apps you have on your programme.

Managing your rewards float

At any time you choose, as an admin on Workpoints, you can view the remaining account balance of your rewards account if the top right hand corner of the Reward Store. Every time someone redeems a reward with their points this balance is decreased. Once it reaches zero nobody will be able to redeem rewards until the balance is topped up again.



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