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Create a lookup

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can manage lookups

Lookups are one of three ways that you can assign a points value to an activity. By setting up a lookup and linking it to an activity you can have i control over how many points get given out whenever you award the activity.

  1. Click the menu workpoints-menu-icon.png button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Click on Lookups from the side menu.
  3. Click on the create a new lookup tile.
  4. Give the lookup a title and a short description.
  5. Decide what data is going to be recorded in the rows field.
  6. Decide what data is going to be recorded in the columns field.
  7. *Optional: Give the lookup a default points value. This points value will be used if no exact match could be found in the lookup, instead of returning an error.
  8. Fill in the lookup matrix with keys and points values.
  9. Hit the save button once you're done.