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Customising your programme

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can customise a programme.

  1. Click the menu workpoints-menu-icon.png button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Click on Program in the side menu.

Title and description

  1. Under the Program Customisation section you can change the title and description of your programme. You can change this name anytime i #makeitcatchy
  2. Click Save.


The title you choose will be displayed in emails, on the sign-in page and Workpoints itself.

Banner image

The banner image shows at the top of the Workpoints timeline and emails. You can use it to brand your programmes identity and give it a unique look and feel.

  1. Click the upload banner image button.
  2. Select the i image you want to upload and click open.
  3. Click Save.


The recommended size of the banner image is 1000px × 250px. i i i