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Setup the Work Anniversaries app

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can manage Apps.


Celebrating a team member's Work Anniversary is one of the basic ways in showing your team that you value them. While you may have every good intention of trying to celebrate these anniversaries, the administrative burden associated with coordinating them can often become hefty. Oversights and mistakes can undo your good intentions. That’s why we have created a way to make celebrating more of just that – a celebration, with less administration.

Should you choose, the app can also award points on your employees anniversaries to spend on the awards store. This means you don't have to guess which gift to get, and your employees are guaranteed a happy day.

To set up the Work Anniversaries app

  1. Click the menu workpoints-menu-icon.png button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Select Manage your apps.
  3. Click on the Work Anniversaries app.
  4. Click on the add to program button.


    The app will automatically create an activity called Happy Work Anniversary.

  5. Now every morning the app will check for any anniversaries and award the Happy Work Anniversary activity to the people who qualify.


You can also send along some points as a gift on someones anniversary, if you choose.