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Setup the Birthdays app

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can manage Apps.


Celebrating birthdays is one of the basic ways of showing recognition to a team. Plus, it makes the workday a lot more fun! However, the administrative effort behind keeping track, organising and distributing gifts, emails or cards can quickly get out of hand, making it easy to miss, undoing all your good intentions.

That's why we've created an app for Birthdays. While you join in the celebrations, our Birthdays App will send a Happy Birthday email team member on their special day and announce it on the Workpoints timeline, automatically and seamlessly.

To set up the Birthdays app

  1. Click the menu button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Click on Manage your apps.
  3. Click on the Birthdays app.
  4. Click on the add to program button.


    The app will automatically create an activity called Happy Birthday.

  5. Now every morning the app will check for any birthdays and award the Happy Birthday activity to those who qualify.


You can also send along some points as a gift on someones birthday, if you choose.