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Rewards Store app

Our extensive reward store not only caters for a variety of choices, but we’ve ensured that there is something that appeals to all the different personality types.



The conversion rate between points and Rands is 10 to 1. In other words a reward that is valued at R100 will cost you 1000 points.

Redeeming a reward

  1. Click the menu workpoints-menu-icon.png button in the navigation bar to access the side menu.
  2. Select the Reward Store app.
  3. Click on one of the reward providers logos to see what you can get from them.
  4. Find the denomination of the reward that you would like and click get this reward.
  5. Confirm the quantity and value of the item you would like to redeem.
  6. Click confirm and redeem to complete your purchase.
  7. Check your email inbox for your reward.


Check the terms and conditions as well as any usage instructions to make sure that the reward works as expected when you want to us it.


You should receive an email within a few minutes of redeeming a reward. If your reward still hasn't been delivered within 30 minutes of completing your redemption, it might be that your email server is blocking emails from, ask your IT team to check if any emails have been blocked from that address.