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Create a free trial program and try it out!

The best way to see if Workpoints is a good fit for your team, is to create a program and try it out. You don't need us for this (although we'll be on standby if you need any assistance i). Our advice? Before you get bogged down in detail, create a program, add a small group of people, play around and try it out! This way, you'll know what you are working with, and know what questions need answering. 

Creating a program is really easy. Just follow the steps below.

    1. Go to our website and click on Create a program.Create_a_new_program.png
    2. Complete the program information. This means choosing a URL name for your program (this is usually the company name, or in the case of a trial <'companynametrial'>), then add a program title (i the fun name for your program. You can change this name at any time ). Also add your details, with your actual email address (this is important, because you will set a password via that email address).  Create__program_detail.png
    3. Once you've entered your personal details (and confirmed that you are not i a robot spider trolling the web for victims), view and agree i with the terms and conditions, and click Let's Go! Create_new_program_LETs_GO.png
    4. After you've completed this part of the process, a welcome email will be sent to your mailbox that will guide you through the process of creating a password and logging in. (Please also check your junkmail folder, it sometimes creeps in there i).
    5. When you are logged into the program, have fun and play around! You can award the generic activities that are already on the program, or create new activities. Have a look at our i Using Workpoints and  i Managing Workpoints guides for the detail setting up and using the system


  • Don't overcomplicate the trial activities, a few peer recognition activities to allow the trial team to interact is preferred,
  • Choose a small team of people (10) that you think: represents the majority of the company; are influencers and are keen to try new things; and will provide you with constructive feedback.