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Activity categories

Here is a list of categories that can be assigned to an activity when it's created. Each new activity you create must be assigned one of these categories. These categories help us to understand the usage patterns of Workpoints and whether or not your programs has the right mix of activities to allow you to drive forward your goals effectively.

award.jpg   Awards
Employee of the month, Ambassadors, Spot Awards, Group Awards.
general-hr.jpg   HR General
Time and Attendance, Induction, Feedback or company surveys, Birthdays.
development.jpg   Employee Development
Training (internal, external, presenting), Qualifications (non-safety), Publishing articles, Career guidance, Individual Development Plans, Leadership Development.
participation.jpg   Employee involvement / participation
Social Function Attendance, Teambuilding Corporate Social Responsibility, Volunteering or Participation.
health.jpg   Employee Services, Health and Wellness
Health: Company sports or cultural clubs, Fitness events, Medical check-ups, Nutrition.
Wellness: Wellness day, Wellness Initiatives.
Services: EAPs, Financial assistance and planning, Pension contributions, Life coaching, Counselling, Individual Tax Submissions.
performance.jpg   Performance
Exceeding targets, Referrals, Recommendations, Exceeding performance appraisal.
safety.jpg   Safety
Safety Certification Courses (New), Safety Certification Courses (Renewing), General safety course and training, Safety ambassador or lead, Safety habits (Promoting behaviour).
driving-growth.jpg   Driving Growth
Idea generation, Lead generation, Innovation, Improvements to processes or systems at the workplace.
peer-recognition.jpg   Personal Accomplishments / Milestones
Exceptional accomplishments and milestones, Personal time initiatives.
peer-recognition.jpg   Peer Recognition
Company values, Mentorship, Perseverance, Integrity, Learn and share, Delivery, Customer centered, Partnership, Leadership, Participator, Coordinator, People centricity, Commitment, Excellence, Care, Innovation, Relationship building, Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, Communicator, Motivator.