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Award activities by uploading a spreadsheet

The ability to award activities is no doubt one of our core features here at Workpoints. We encourage teams to recognise the greatness within each other by giving out activities as much as possible in order to promote a culture of recognition within your team.

By using a spreadsheet to award activities we make it easy for you recognise a large group of people at the same time.

  1. Browse to the activity page.
  2. Search of the activity you want to award.
  3. Click the more options workpoints-ellipsis-black.png button next to the activities title and click the upload spreadsheet workpoints-activity-award-bulk-upload.png button. 
  4. Download the Excel template.
  5. Fill in the spreadsheet with the email addresses of the people to award and any other additional information's that's required.
  6. If the activity has the optional backdate option enabled you'll need to fill in the date when the activity was achieved.
  7. Upload the spreadsheet by clicking the upload file button.
  8. You can wait for the results of the upload on this page or you can carry on with other work, we will send you an email with the results of the upload.


You can award a maximum of 1000 people at a time using a spreadsheet.