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How to create an activity

Who can use this feature?

 Only Admins can create and manage activities.

Activities are the central component of Workpoints and it is very important that they are set up correctly in order for you to get the most benefit out of using Workpoints.

  1. Browse to the activities page.
  2. Click the create a new activity tile.

i Setup


  1. On the setup tab, fill in a title, description and choose a category for the activity.
  2. Click next to continue to the fields tab.

i Custom Fields


  1. Click the add a new field button.
  2. Enter in a title for the field and select the type of data that you are going to be entering to that field.
  3. You also have the option to make the field compulsory or not when awarding the activity.
    There is also the option whether or not to make the field public, i.e. visible on the timeline or slack notifications which can be seen by everyone on the programme.
  4. If you want to remove a field click the remove button.
  5. Click next to continue to the rules tab.


To learn more about this feature check out the activity fields article.

i Rules - Awarding Limits


Awarding limits allow you to restrict the number of times an activity can be awarded.

  1. You can limit the number of times that someone can give out an activity by using the Awarder limit.
    Create a limit for either of the above using the add button.
  2. Set the limit and time span.
  3. Click next to continue to the output tab.


To get more information about limiting the number of times an activity an be awarded please have a look at the activity awarding limits article.

i Output - Notifications & Points


Activity comms

  1. You have the option to notify the person being awarded via email. You can also choose whether or not to post the activity to the public timeline.

Activity points

While it is not necessary to monetise a program through activity points, giving out points with activities a great way to encourage people to participate in the programme. If you want to give out points when the activity is awarded just follow the steps below.

  1. Scroll down to the Award Points section.
  2. Click the add button.
  3. The easiest and most commonly used method for assigning points to an activity is to give out a fixed value of points whenever the activity is awarded.


    For more information about giving out points with activities please have a look at the activity points article.

  4. Click next to finish setting up the activity.

i Save


This tab will tell you if there are any errors in the previous steps. Once your happy with the activity and there are no errors, click save and your new activity will be created. i


Some further reading (Additional detailed setup instructions)

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