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Workpoints reporting

At times organisations want to reconcile their information into a report. This may be for statistical purposes or for other reasons. Workpoints makes reporting quite easy for the programme administrator. There are various reports that can be pulled from the programme and we will have a look at them below.


Programme report

This report shows an overview of the entire programme. The information includes the number of people on the programme, their full details, points earned, rewards redeemed, etc.

Programme admins will receive this report in a monthly email, or can view the current statistics live on Workpoints at any time, but will not be able to download any excel file for this one.


People report

There is the option to generate a report for all the people in the organisation. The report will be downloaded in Excel. The report focuses on the personal information about all the users that are on the programme.


Activities report

You can generate a report specific to activities. You can customize the report that you want by viewing it by activity, date range, awarded by or awarded to. Once the report has generated, you can export it into an Excel.

This report can be used to possibly drive awareness, have competitions and other activities that help to drive engagement within the organisation. Various organisations would find different ways to use the information found on these Workpoints reports.