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Activity self assignment

Peer recognition is a concept that we always try encourage within an organisation but we also understand that you might need to have a number of top down awards to reward people for driving an organisation's culture and values - for example, attending social functions or team building events. 

These types of 'attendance register' based activities are normally given out by a designated administrator. Often times the people that captures these awards on Workpoints are eligible to earn these same awards, but they would have had to ask another admin on the program to award them separately since by default you can't award yourself an activity. Luckily, there is an option when setting up an activity to allow people in a selected group to award themselves the activity.

  1. Browse to the edit workpoints-activity-edit-button.png page of the activity you want to impose a limit on (or alternatively the setup page of a new activity).
  2. Click on the rules tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Self Assignment section and click the add group button.
  4. Select a group from the drop down list which should be given permission to award themselves this activity.
  5. You may continue editing other parts of the activity or choose to save these changes immediately by browsing to the save tab and clicking the save button.